2 - 4 players, aged 4+


Here are your virtual Articulate cards…

We set this up during the first national lockdown to allow isolated families and friends to continue to enjoy the game.

It lasted longer than we planned, as we realised that many 'Articulate' fans were having to remain isolated for one reason or another, even after the official lockdown ended.

And other countries, some with very many 'Articulate' enthusiasts, found themselves under restrictions. So we got shedloads of visits here from outside the UK. (Hello, Australian friends!)

ALL the cards from the original game are here. Set up your board and pieces in front of your webcam, point your remote players towards this page, and they can click through to the next card when it's their turn to describe.

No charge and no registration etc. required. If you want to show your appreciation, buy an Articulate! Christmas for a friend. Or pop a few coins into a local charity pot on our behalf.

Finally, thank you SO MUCH for your stories, pictures and videos of folk using FaceTime, Zoom etc. to keep in touch with their loved ones over a game of 'Articulate'. It really does mean a lot. If you want to share anything then use #PlayArticulate and we'll find it - and you'll find our social links below.

You can also click through to the Articulate for Kids cards and small selections from Articulate Phrases and CoOperate.

Much love, from everybody at Drumond Park games.




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