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A big pork pie
August 10, 2015

Things we love: A Massive Great Big Enormous Party-Sized Pork Pie

Here’s a light snack for your next not-so-quiet night in.

This pie is a full seven inches in diameter; enough for a full roster of ‘Articulate’ players, plus any other curious family members who poke their head round the door. We recommend finishing your mouthful before attempting your turn; you may wish to wipe any crumbs from the board before repackaging.

They come from Sarah Pettegree at Bray’s Cottage. Sarah makes her pork pies in an old flint barn overlooking the sea and is Britain’s Pork Pie Maker to the Stars. She’s been on radio and TV – including Heston Blumenthal’s Channel 4 show – and is the ‘go to’ lady whenever the foodie magazines want some artisan pork pie love. What we are to board games, she is to pork pies. She is, in short, Mrs. Pork Pie.

They can be delivered directly to your not-so-quiet night in for £26, and that includes a message baked in pastry lettering on top. Her common requests are things like ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ and ‘DAD’, but we’re sure she’ll accommodate more specific games-evening themed ideas such as ‘OUT OF TIME!’, ‘MISS A TURN’ or simply ‘LOOOS-SERRR!!!’

(If you DO order a game-related one, send us a photo? You'll find us lurking at blog@drumondpark.co.uk)

With this pie, I thee wed
Yes! It’s a ‘Best of British’ pork pie!
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