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November 9, 2022

Derivative words: NO, NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT

“Can you use derivative words in Articulate?” No, no, and thrice no.

We’re asked this a lot, in our periodic social-media-prompted adjudication sessions.

And there is no point in trying to wheedle round us, or claim extenuating circumstances, or insist that your opponent spent the whole game being a bit of a stroppypants.

So, if your answer is ‘cheesemaker’, you can’t say that this is ‘a dude who makes cheese’. Obviously.

We'll leave it to you to look up the exact dictionary definition of ‘derivative’ but take it from us - words don’t have to match exactly letter-for-letter in order to qualify.

So ‘thing I clean my teeth with’ for ‘toothbrush’? NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. Two different vowels don’t make ‘tooth’ and ‘teeth’ wildly unconnected words.

Sorry. Those are the rules, set in stone, passed down through generations upon generations of Articulate elders. And if the opposing team is trying to argue otherwise then stand your ground.

In case of an unresolvable dispute, you might want to use one of the Articulate Phrases online cards as a tie-breaker. OR contact the Articulate Adjudicating Team* for an official response.

Official adjudications are available via Twitter or Insta – tag us in and also use the hashtag #playarticulate 'cos we’re likely to see them quicker. And please don’t hate us if we rule against you.

(*basically whoever’s in the office to pick up your plea. This’ll be for bragging rights only though – we’re unlikely to get back to you until office hours, well after your game’s finished. Please don’t expect us to drop everything late on a Saturday night, just because you’ve fallen out with your mate Darren)

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