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November 1, 2021

LOGO Best of Kids: the parents’ (and grandparents’!) guide

Our parents’ guide to Articulate for Kids proved very popular, so we’ve pulled together something similar for the new addition to the LOGO board game family.

What’s the game? Who’s it good for? What type of questions are in there? To make sure your younger family members get the best from the game, here's some background information.

What ages does it suit?

Recommending age ranges can be a conundrum for any manufacturer.

Put simply, EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT! For kids in every given year of primary school, there’s a massive variation in reading age, levels of general knowledge, experience of the world about them, etc.

For Best of Kids, we’ve suggested an age range of 7 and above, but we can’t emphasise enough that you know your children better than we do.

Within the game, there’s a very wide range of questions and topics. Children younger than seven are likely to be able to answer many of them – and where they can’t, we’ve worked very hard to include things that they’ll be interested to learn about.

Conversely, older children might find some cards very easy… but be stumped on others!

Central to everything is that Best of Kids is a team game; it provides the basis of an all-inclusive family quiz night. You’ll know instinctively who to pair with whom, which children will be keen to rattle out answers unprompted, and which children will benefit from support and encouragement from a favourite grown-up.

About the questions

Generally, the game includes three types of question cards: ‘pot luck’ general knowledge questions, picture cards, and ‘themed’ question cards.

Alongside child-friendly facts and trivia, we’ve included lateral-thinking-type questions that allow kids to work out the answer - they’re often particularly good at this! For example: ‘What letter of the alphabet sounds like a long line of people? (Q/Queue)’. There are word-based cards, where each answer might start with the same three letters, for example. And many of the picture cards are multiple-choice.

As we’ve already said, the question cards range in degrees of difficulty. With some of them (especially the ones on popular culture, such as childrens’ TV, books and games) you might find that the kids know the answer whereas the adults are baffled! And believe us, there is nothing that an seven-year-old enjoys better than upstaging the grown-ups.

As one early review put it: “I find it really rewarding watching my kids answer questions correctly - they feel so proud and clever.”

It's Up to You

Create your own ‘house rules’ if you like – for instance you might agree that younger children are given a ‘second chance’ question if they’re unable to answer the first.

Some kids prefer ‘asking’ to ‘answering’ - it makes them feel important! You could set the board aside and let them be centre of attention as question-master for an after-dinner quiz, perhaps using home-made score sheets.

Your extended family might have kept in touch via Zoom or Facetime over the past couple of years. Give the children the question cards, set up a video call, and help them host a 'virtual' quiz with a family member who can't be with you in person.

Or simply take the cards out with you when you next go for a family pizza and create your own mini-game whilst you’re waiting for the food to arrive.

The main thing to remember is that - just like in all the ‘adult’ LOGO games - the questions and answers are written to be prompts for conversation… laugh, explain, ask follow up questions, and generally use the game to kickstart some quality family time together!

Best of Kids is available at Argos, in department stores and most toy and game retailers.

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