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September 6, 2021

LOGO Best of Kids – the kids’ grown-up trivia game!

From Bear Hunts to Pudsey Bear; from nursery rhymes to breakfast times; from films to farms to pets to pizzas… introducing the brand new member of the LOGO game family – over a thousand trivia questions especially for kids!

And boy oh boy – this was a tough (but fun) one to put together.

We knew from the huge ongoing popularity of Articulate For Kids that there’s a real demand for proper, grown-up quality, non-childish board games for… well, children.

Thing is, there’s a MASSIVE balancing act to draw. That primary school age range encompasses kids of all levels of knowledge and such a wide variety of interests.

We wanted to make it a genuinely fun family experience also – a team game that will allow Grandma and Uncle Pete to be AMAZED at their enthusiastic young team-mates’ knowledge.

And that’s been the big challenge. To come up with the right range of questions: testing the younger ones with enough that they can answer on their own, whilst keeping the slightly older ones interested and not feeling patronised.

We've also made sure to incorporate a number of those 'lateral thinking' type of questions that we know from experience always go down well with primary-age children. ("What letter of the alphabet also sounds like a vegetable?") Often, kids can be better and quicker at these types of challenges than adults are (it's a 'P', of course)... and they're always delighted when they figure it out.

We’ve stated the age range on the box as seven as above; we suggest that brighter five or six year-olds could still play a big part, especially if teamed up with an encouraging older sibling or favourite relative.

Follow this link to our LOGO Best of Kids page for some example questions. We’re hoping against hope that Christmas 2021 will be a more joyful family affair than was allowed by the dismal events of the past year… put Best of Kids on your shopping list for some quality time together!

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