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October 13, 2022

On your marks… get set… it’s LOGO – The Best of Sport & Leisure!

The ‘themed’ games in the LOGO family continue to prove massively, humongously popular.

That's probably because we’ve made it our business not to mess with what made the gazillion-selling original so great. Viz, our determination to be very, very picky about the trivia we use.

We come up with questions about the stuff that’s all around us; topics that are familiar to all. We want everybody in the family to be drawn into the game; for each team or pair to have a sporting chance of walking away with the bragging rights.

(It’s back to our rigorous ‘Boxing Day Test’ – we wrote more about that here).

So how to approach making a Sport and Leisure special? Because, after all, sport can be a little… polarising.

Couple that with the danger of SPORT FANATIC GUY (that’s your uncle Pete, or even one of the younger teenagers) romping away with the answer to every question in the batch – and it’s clear that there’s a challenge to find the right balance.

LOGO The Best of Sport and Leisure immerses the family in over a thousand questions on the fun stuff that we all do and watch in our spare time.

So there’s football – of course there’s football. But there’s tennis, too; the Olympics; golf; croquet; boomerang throwing; a touch of pottering in the garden, and even a bit of ‘Strictly’.

There’s sport in the movies, and sport on TV; sporting themed chocolate bars and (of course) board games.

In short, it’s not just a game for SPORT FANATIC GUY – but the basis for a good old-fashioned all-the-family fun quiz night. Lots of head-scratching, lots of laughs, lots of ‘oooh – I didn’t know that!’

And – drum roll – it’s IN THE SHOPS NOW! Put it on the family Christmas list!

Now… who can tell us which sport has a finishing line that is never actually CROSSED…?

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