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December 10, 2019

A Christmas Message from Chain Letters: the gift for word game lovers!

Word games work for all the family because they can be as easy or as difficult as you make them.

Use the depths of your vocabulary to enjoy a serious, furrowed-brow challenge against a circle of friends. The loser gets the kettle on!

Or settle down with children or grandchildren, give them lots of hints and encouragement and delight in watching them learn and grow.

The longer your word, the more points you get… and steal points from your opponents by overlapping their own words!

A bag of 72 letter tiles and a solid game unit – Chain Letters is very simple, yet very addictive – it’s very much a ‘just one more round!’ game. Use the pegs to score (as you would on a cribbage board) and play best of three… best of five… best of all morning!

Chain Letters is for two to four players – the recommended age is from eight and above (although we reckon that bright younger kids – especially keen readers – would take to it easily). It’s very simple to play, but the nature of the game means that it will enjoy a very long cupboard-life.

Chain Letters is available from Amazon and High Street Stores.

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