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June 8, 2018

Sshh! Don't Wake Dad this Father's Day!

Is this YOUR household's dad in the mornings...?

Dad-waking kids!!! Give your poor old pop ONE Sunday's respite this Father's Day! Go on - just let him have an extra hour in bed!

Don't barge in demanding orange juice, or seeking the TV control, or simply exuberant because it's - you know - the weekend. Now that it's lighter in the mornings, he will have noted that the birds are chirping loudly outside your window; you do not *really* need his help in the toilet; he is pleased that you have learnt to tell the time, but you do not necessarily need to march in to proudly announce that it's 5 a.m.

He will love - really love - your card and that unidentifiable thing that you made at school. But both can wait until the breakfast table, when he will be on 'receive' and give you a big hug.

Instead, purchase him the Sshh! Don't Wake Dad game. Don't wrap it; just get mum to sort out the batteries the night before. In the morning, sneak downstairs and play quietly until Real Dad wakes of his own accord, and is all happy and refreshed and dad-like.

Then you can do the card and gift, and have a fun family game together.

Available at Amazon and all good toy stores.

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