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September 22, 2015

Drumond Park people: Connie, the DP Intern

A few years back, we started messing around on our Facebook page, having worked out a way that we might host little games of ‘Articulate’ online for our network of fans. It was a lot of fun, and – honestly – a lot more interesting than proper work. We still remember chortling at the user who posted the answer ‘Gregg Wallace’ when we posed the clue ‘it’s the name of a tool you’d find in the kitchen’.

Anyway, part of this was that we created this comic cast of utterly fictitious game hosts, who allegedly worked here with us. There was the ‘Articulate Clue Executive,’ who held the whole thing together; the ‘Senior Vice President of Clues (Retired)’ who bemoaned the way that Articulate clues were so much better in his day; the ‘Articulate Head of IT,’ who laughed at his own desperately weak in-jokes about the minutiae of IT infrastructures, etc. etc.

You might have had to be there. But it was all rather jolly.

Anyway, one of these fictional characters was the ever-eager-yet-slightly-dim ‘Articulate Intern’. Which was all well and good, until we started to get genuine messages asking us how this person had landed the internship here, because so-and-so’s son was interested and it seemed like a great opportunity, etc etc. Which missed the point a bit, but we were chuffed that people wanted to work with us.

Anyway, this is a long preamble to introduce you to Connie, the real-life Articulate Intern! (Although she doesn’t have a proper job title like that). Connie’s part way through an English Literature degree at a university in the North of England, which means that she brings the average age of the blog and web team down by about 50 years.

You may have read stories in the media about evil big companies exploiting unpaid interns as next-to-slave labour. We are pleased to say that we fit into that category totally; we pay her in jelly tots and make her sleep in a damp cellar when she’s not writing things for the Drumond Park not-so-quiet-night-in blog.


A spachelor. We were expecting more answers like this, to be honest.
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