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A traditional Slovenian hayrick, yesterday.
April 12, 2016

Things we love: Klemen Slakonja's barking mad Slovenian parody music videos

We stumble across a lot of internet foolishness in our day to day work here at Drumond Park (note how we are careful to stress the word 'work' - we are working, honest.) Occasionally, people send us things. Take Klemen Slakonja, for instance: TV personality and Eurovision host for the tiny country of Slovenia.

Slakonja's wheeze was to liven up a three-minute gap in the 'Which song should represent us: Slovenia decides!' TV Eurovision heats show with one of his pet projects: an all-singing, all-dancing comedy music video parody of famously non-self-effacing Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The finished product, to our ever-widening eyes a work of staggeringly bonkers genius, aired on prime time Slovenian TV before spreading far and wide via the good old medium of YouTube.

Parody videos are nothing new, of course. But we loved the context of this. And in the run up to the Eurovision finals in May, we trust that our own presenting team will be doing something similar. Over to you, Graham?

Here in the UK, we are brought up to firmly believe that continental European telly is, you know, a bit rubbish. It's possible that a lot of it is (*draws embarrassed veil over our own daytime schedules*). But we've looked through some of Mr. Slakonja's other videos and we reckon that for a country of only around two million people, Slovenian TV has ambition.

In fact, we are considering learning Slovenian ourselves. Then we might be able to work out just what this Jamie Oliver thing is all about, in order that we might plan a proper Slovenian-themed not-so-quiet night in at some point in the future. (Warning: contains valiant but less-than successful mockney accent). In the meantime we're going to wish Mr. Slakonja well in his quest for global superstardom. Go, Klemen!!!

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