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August 26, 2018

From 'Bang On': Niche UK Political Parties

'Name a Political Party'

Well that’s an easy Bang On challenge, isn’t it! There’s this one, and that one, and… ah… the other ones and…

If you’ve tailed off and are waving your hammer around helplessly, then we can help you. A grand total of seventy-two separate political parties stood in the most recent UK parliamentary election. Many of these ran in just the one constituency – so might be thought of as ‘Independents’ by another name. But others fielded multiple candidates – did they slip under your radar?

A selection of niche political parties… ‘Bang On’ style.


The Yorkshire Party. The sixth-most voted for party in England, they campaign for Yorkshire devolution.


The Social Democratic Party (SDP). Nope – you’ve not stumbled back into the 1980’s. The current version of the SDP fielded six candidates in 2017; one in Glasgow and the rest in Sheffield.


The Animal Welfare Party. They aim to represent animal rights in the UK and European parliaments and contested four seats in the 2017 election.


The Friends Party. Nothing to do with the TV show. They contested three seats, polling 435 votes in total.


The Justice & Anti Corruption Party. Angry – very angry – at the existing political system, three candidates ran in Hampshire constituencies.


Something New. Two candidates represented this party, which adopts an ‘open source’ manifesto. Anybody at all can suggest a change to their policies... Board games for all!!!

BA... oh - out of time again. Check out 'Bang On' here...!

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