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October 10, 2016

From the games: The Acme Corporation

It's not just the big corporate brand icons that feature in the LOGO board game.

There are in there, of course – because their logos are so prevalent in everyday life, and LOGO’s essentially a game about everyday life. But they mingle happily with loads of other miscellanea; taking a handful of cards at random we’re looking at questions about vintage telly; about a movie character who happens to be partial to a particular sweet; about the fillings in boxes of chocolates.

Having said that, the next one on our pile features a LOGO question about the pinnacle of major corporate excellence itself: THE ACME CORPORATION.

Yes! Innovative organisation behind the Acme Spring Powered Shoes, the Acme Rocket Sled, the Acme Instant Tunnel and – of course – the Acme Batman’s Outfit.


OK – you got us. We’re in the pocket of big business.

It's possible that you’re a bit unsure about a US cartoon operation whose products have repeatedly shown to be eccentric, unsafe and unreliable, not to mention injurious to its core customer base of unsuspecting coyotes. So you might want to check out these alternative Great British Acmes instead, all of whom look a little more reputable. (Note: we at Drumond Park cannot be held responsible for external websites, etc. etc.)

There! Not a dodgy Exploding Road Runner Trap in sight!

Yes, there was actually an ACME Anvil Corporation
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