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"Sir, I'm not sure you're taking this conversation entirely seriously!"
December 7, 2016

STOOPIDO – a game for home… and work.

Stoopido’s a new big player in our ‘family games’ category. This generally means that it’s targeted squarely at a wide mix of kids and adults, from eight years up to Grandpop and Great Auntie Jean.

But honestly… who needs the children at this time of year? ‘Tis the season, etc. etc. In particular, there are very few work or office situations that cannot be improved by the introduction of a Stoopido set.

Monday morning meeting? Stoopido will make the agenda fly by. Difficult telephone conversation required? Stoopido will put you in the mood to be firm and assertive. Need to ask the boss for more time off? Stoopido will give you the gravitas and dignity required to ensure that this delicate negotiation proceeds in your favour.

To be fair, undertakers, hostage negotiators and TV newsreaders might decide to retain their Stoopido set for quiet moments behind closed doors.

But if you’re likely to have a little down-time at work this December, or simply want to jolly things up a little over your lunchtime sandwich, then we cannot recommend Stoopido highly enough. Especially if you have a colleague whose features cry out for dragon ears, or a bogey-riddled nose.

Over to you!

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