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July 2, 2017

Annndddd… we’re back!

Pre-summer is always a crazy-busy time of year for us.

It’s all to do with the way retail works backwards from Christmas, and our need to convert those new board game products from ‘a series of scribbles on the back of an envelope’ to ‘something that retailers can see and hold and put on their websites and catalogues in time to make plans for their busiest time of year.’

So we occasionally put the blog up on a shelf in the back of the shed for a bit. Don’t worry! It’s still here, just a little dusty.

And coming up over the next few months…

  • We’ll have more super-esoteric insights from the inside on the board game industry, and games in general.
  • We’ll be talking to some lovely people and writing about lovely things (whether they’re board game related or not)
  • We’ll be introducing you to the games that made it through the product development process this year (we have a couple of humdingers, oh yes)
  • We’ll be helping you out with emergency ideas should you have hordes of children descending upon you for the weekend. Or if you work in an office, and just fancy something silly to play at lunchtime, involving – say – plastic chickens.

Watch this space!!!

A scribble on an envelope
An actual game
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