Bubble Buster Kazoo


  • Bubble Buster Wand
  • Bubble Blowing Kazoo
  • Bubble Tray
  • Bubble Solution
Bubble Buster Kazoo contents

The BUBBLE BUSTER KAZOO game is a two-player game in which each player takes a turn at blowing bubbles, and bursting bubbles and the one that bursts the most PINGING bubbles wins.

To get the most out of your Bubble Buster Kazoo game please read these important notes:

  • Not all the bubbles you burst will make a PING noise. A steady, gentle prod with the wand is more likely to make a PING than a quick, jerky jab.
  • The very best way to make a PING is to gently 'catch' a bubble between the silver horns, then twitch the wand to burst it.
  • To help the wand to PING more easily in dry air, rub a little bubble liquid over the ends of the silver horns.


Ask an adult to place 2 AAA batteries into the wand. Unscrew the battery compartment door and insert the batteries into the wand as shown and screw the door back on (pic 1 and 2).

Pour some bubble solution into your bubble tray - about 4mm deep.

Bubble Buster Kazoo battery


This is a game for TWO players. Decide which of you will be Player 1 and Player 2.

Player 1 will start as the BUBBLE BUSTER.

Player 2 will start as the BUBBLE BLOWER.

The BUBBLE BLOWER starts the turn. Dip the end of the Kazoo into the tray of bubble liquid and let any extra liquid drip off for a moment. Now start blowing bubbles.

The BUBBLE BUSTER then presses the start button on the wand and starts bursting bubbles.

The wand will give Player 1, 30 seconds to burst as many bubbles as he can. Player 2 must keep blowing bubbles for the whole 30 seconds. When the 30 seconds are up the wand will play a short tune and say how many PINGING bubbles Player 1 has burst.

Now the players swap the wand and the Kazoo and play a second turn. Player 1 starts blowing bubbles and Player 2 presses the start button and starts bursting bubbles.

Please clean the blower when swapping between players.


At the end of the second turn the wand will play a tune then say the number of PINGING bubbles that Player 2 has burst AND which player is the WINNER!

The Bubble Buster Wand is now ready to start another game.


Make sure the tips of both silver horns touch a bubble when you burst it or it will not PING and count it. As you burst more PINGING bubbles, the 'PINGS' get higher in pitch.


If the wand makes no PINGING sound check it is switched on. If it still does not PING when bursting bubbles, use a metal item to bridgeacross the horns, this should make the wand PING and switch on the little red light. If this does not work then replace the batteries.


If the wand makes a repeated PINGING sound, switch off the wand. Clean the head and silver horns with a damp cloth - especially the top of the head between the horns - then dry it before you play another game.

Please clean the Kazoo with water after use. Also please wipe the wandand horns before putting away.

Did you know that bubbles evaporate? So the earlier you touch them thebetter chance of finding that magic 'PING' noise.

WARNING: Spray from the bubbles can cause the floor to become slippery.


Use a Phillips/cross head screw-driver (not included) to loosen the screw in the battery compartment door. Remove door. Insert 2 x 1.5V fresh 'AAA' or LR03 size alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries are required. Replace door and tighten screw.

Battery information

  • Remove rechargeable batteries from the toy before recharging.
  • Only recharge batteries under adult supervision.
  • Do not recharge non-rechargeable batteries.
  • Do not mix different types of batteries, or new and used batteries.
  • Use only AAA or their equivalent as stated.
  • Insert batteries in the correct polarity
  • Remove exhausted (used) batteries from the toy.
  • Do not short circuit the supply terminals of the batteries.
  • Do not insert connecting wires into electrical socket outlets.
Eletronic displosal information