Catch Phrase Game Rules


96 Double Sided Regular Catch Phrase Cards
15 Double Sided Bonus Catch Phrase Cards
48 Single Sided Super Catch Phrase Cards
1 x Mr. Chips Card Holder
1 x Bonus Catch Phrase Picture Frame
9 x Window Covers
1 x Bonus Frame Clip
Sand Timer
Red Filter
60 Banknotes (30 x £100, 20 x £500, 10 x £1000)

In this game there is a picture frame that holds a Bonus Catch Phrase card.The nine 'window covers' that fit into the frame are printed on a separate 'pop-out' sheet. Carefully press out these window covers before you start the game.

Window stores

The window covers can be stored in the empty tray section between games.

Window stores

Object of the game:

To collect the most money by guessing Catch Phrase puzzles.

Getting ready to play:

  • Assemble the Mr. Chips card holder.
  • Divide the Catch Phrase cards into two sets - one set with a Catch Phrase on ONE side (Super Catch Phrases) and the other set with a Catch Phrase on BOTH sides (Regular Catch Phrases).
  • Lay out the bank notes.
  • Decide who will be Host for the first game.
  • The Host picks a Bonus Catch Phrase card and puts it into the frame (see below).

Bonus Catch Phrases (large square cards):

The Host picks a Bonus Catch Phrase card and looks at the answer making sure that no other player sees it. He then slides it into the Bonus Catch Phrase frame. A clip is included to hold the frame shut during play.

The Host then hides the image by putting the nine numbered window covers over the corresponding numbers printed on the Catch Phrase picture. The window covers are laid out in a different order for each picture.

Bonus Card

Round 1: Individual Round

In this round each player tries to solve Catch Phrases on their own. The Host takes a card from the Regular Catch Phrase set. He looks at the answer which is written upside-down on the other side of the card.

The Host puts the card onto the Mr. Chips card holder and turns over the timer to start the guessing. The player to the left of the Host goes first and tries to guess the Catch Phrase before the timer runs out. If he cannot, the timer is turned over again and all the other players, at the same time, try to guess the Catch Phrase. The first player to shout out the correct answer before the timer runs out wins £100. If the Host thinks an answer is 'close enough' he can allow it as correct.

If the timer runs out and the Catch Phrase has not been guessed, nobody wins any money that round and the Host takes a new Regular Catch Phrase card for the next player's individual turn.

Bonus Catch Phrases (Round 1 only):

If a player gets a regular Catch Phrase right, the Host reveals one square on the Bonus Catch Phrase frame and the player gets ONE guess at what the Bonus Catch Phrase is. The player who gets the Bonus Catch Phrase right wins £300. The window covers must be removed in their number order from '1' to '9'.

Round 1 continues with individual player turns until the Bonus Catch Phrase has been guessed or all the window covers have been removed without anyone getting it right.

Round 2: Rapid Fire Round

The Host again uses Regular Catch Phrase cards for the Rapid Fire round but during this turn everyone plays at the same time.

The Host reveals a Catch Phrase card on the Mr. Chips stand then turns over the timer and all the players shout out as many guesses as they can within a single turn of the timer. The first player to guess the Catch Phrase correctly, within the time, wins £200. If the timer runs out and nobody has guessed the Catch Phrase correctly the Host moves on to the next Catch Phrase card.

Five cards are played in the Rapid Fire round (whether they are guessed right or not), then the game moves on to the Super Catch Phrase round.

Round 3: Super Catch Phrase Round

In this Round the Host puts Super Catch Phrase cards picture-side-down on each of the six card spaces on the Super Catch Phrase Board.

The cards are played in the same way as the Rapid Fire round. The Host starts with the bottom line. He uses the cards from one row until a player gets ONE Catch Phrase right or all the cards have been played, then he moves up to the next row. The bottom row wins £300, the middle row wins £400 and the top row wins £500.

The Host uses the red filter provided to read the answers (printed upside-down below the pictures) on the Super Catch Phrase cards.

Change of Host

After Round 3 the player to the Host's left becomes the new Host for the next game. Players keep the money they win from Host to Host. The whole game finishes when all the players have taken a turn at being the Host.


The player with the most money after everyone has played Host is the winner.

Made by Drumond Park