Foxy Pants Rules

Watch out for the sneaky fox, sneaking around the chicken coop, looking to fill his pockets with sleeping chickens! But when his pockets get too full his trousers fall down!


1 x fox. 21 x chickens. 4 x chicken coops. 1 x dice. 1 x sticker sheet. 1 x instruction sheet.

Aim of the Game:

Be the first player to collect 5 chickens safely in their chicken coop.

Getting ready:

1. Move the fox's arms upwards.
2. Turn the fox upside down and pull on the string to release his trousers.
3. Place his trousers around his waist and push his arms back down.

Put the fox in the middle of the playing area; put the chickens together next to him and give each player a chicken coop.

Playing the Game:

The player who does the best chicken impression goes first, and play continues clockwise. In turn, the players roll the die, and put as many chickens in the Fox's pockets as indicated by the number rolled. At the end of each turn, the player must press the Fox's head once (until you hear a clicking sound). If nothing happens, it's the next players turn.

But watch out! This is one greedy fox! When his pants get too full, they might fall down. When they do, quickly grab as many chickens as you can, one by one and place them in your chicken coop. Remember, you can only collect chickens with one hand.

End of the Game:

Each chicken coop has 5 spaces, the first player to fill all the spaces in their chicken coop is the winner.

Extra Information

You can only catch chickens with one hand.
If there are no chickens left, take turns to press the fox's head until his trousers fall down.
If 2 players fill their chicken coop at the same time, they are both winners.
To avoid damaging the fox, do not hold your hand on his head after the click. Press his head quickly until you hear a clickingsound and then release.

See the PDF for full instructions and initial setup information.