Impact Level 1 Game Rules

This level is an easy "shooting gallery" game played on two boards. Each team uses both their mobile guns, 5 troops and two hills. The idea of LEVEL 1 is to introduce players to fixing the boards together, setting up troops, aiming and firing the guns.

  1. Fix two boards together with a slip-on clip.
  2. Players sit at opposite ends of the combined boards.
  3. Each player places their hills as far to the back of their board as possible. They then put their guns on the highest playing space on each hill.
    Suggested layout
  4. Each player positions their 5 troops around their hills but not directly behind them. A suggested layout is shown in layout picture above. You now have 10 troops standing in plain view of the guns at either end.
  5. Players take it in turns to fire one of their guns at their opponent's soldiers (the youngest player fires first). If a player accidentally knocks over one of their opponent's guns the gun is put back on its circle playing space and play moves to the other player.
  6. The first player to knock over all their opponent's troops wins.

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