Impact Level 2 Game Rules

This level introduces players to moving round the board and taking out opposing soldiers by "capturing" them. It is played on 4 boards with 12 hills. Each team has 5 troops, 1 field gun and 1mobile gun. Players take turns, game about, to set up the boards and hills.

1) FIX FOUR BOARDS TOGETHER This can be in a number of ways as shown here.....

Possible board positions


Take four of each hill (12 hills altogether) and choose which of the hill outlines to put them on. You can create ranges of hills with large open areas or put the hills evenly spaced around the boards. You normally only use one of each hill on each board (i.e. one large, one medium and one small).


Each player puts a field gun, one of their mobile guns (it doesn't matter which) and their 5 troops on the board towards the back of “their” end (see yellow arrows). The field gun can only be put on the highest circular playing space on the hill closest to the back of the board. A mobile gun can be put on any circular playing space.


The game is then played in a series of turns. Decide which player is going to start first and then follow this procedure:

a) Player-one moves their soldiers, then player-two moves theirs.

b) Player-one fires their guns and/or moves them. Player-two fires and/or moves their guns. (See Firing Guns in the Basics Section at the start of the rules)


a) You move your soldiers to keep them out of reach of the opposing guns and to “capture” your opponent’s soldiers or guns.

b) To capture an opposing soldier or gun you must move two of your soldiers onto playing places that have lines that join them to the soldier or gun you want to capture. Take the captured piece off the board. See how to capture in the picture below.

Capturing a asolider or gun

c) The MOST moves you can make in a turn is twice the number of troops in your team at the start the game. For example in LEVEL 2 you start with 5 troops so you can make 10 (2X5) moves at most.
This number lasts the whole game no matter how few soldiers you end up with. You can move any number of soldiers any number of spaces as long as the total spaces you move adds up to 10 or less.

d) You must move AT LEAST the number of places equal to the number of your soldiers left on the board - as soldiers get knocked over and fewer are left, the number of places you HAVE TO move gets less too. If you have 1 soldier left you MUST move him 1 space each turn (but you CAN move him up to the original maximum of 10).

e) If one of your own team is on a playing space you can “squeeze past” and continue on. You cannot “squeeze past” an enemy soldier. You either take a different path or stop before them.


You have two kinds of gun: Field Guns that ONLY sit on hills and Mobile Guns that can move round the board and over hills like soldiers. You can shoot at any soldiers or any guns in the opposing team. You must completely knock over a soldier or gun to take it out of play.

If your shot leaves your target leaning over slightly or it is bumped out of its place, act as if the shot missed. Put it back in its place and carry on. If you knock over one of your own soldiers or guns you must take them out of play. This is a friendly fire accident.

Each turn you can do the following with your various guns:

Field Gun - EITHER move to the next hill in any direction OR fire one shot.

Mobile Gun - There are three things you can choose from each turn:

i) Fire TWO shots but don't move
ii) Fire ONE shot and move ONE place
iii) Fire NO shots and move TWO spaces


The first player to take either ALL his opponent's soldiers or ALL his opponent's guns out of play is the winner.

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