Jack and the Beanstalk Rules


Assemble the Giant and the Beanstalk

Each player chooses a different coloured Jack as their playing piece

Place the Treasure discs in the Treasure Chest beside the Giant.


The youngest player starts by rolling the dice and moving their Jack the matching number of leaves up the beanstalk.

Each leaf represents one space.

The Jack rests on the leaves by hanging onto the stems with both hands.

If another Jack already occupies the leaf your Jack lands on, then you move your Jack onto the next leaf.

When the blank is rolled on the dice no move is taken.

When the Giant is rolled the player must place the ball into the Giant's hands and press the button on his head. This will send the ball crashing down the Beanstalk, wobbling the branches. Any Jack that falls off must start again from the bottom on its next turn. If there is no Jack on the Beanstalk when the Giant is rolled then the player must roll again.

When a player's Jack reaches the cloud at the top of the Beanstalk for the first time, that player collects their first piece of Treasure - a Golden Egg. That player's Jack must then be moved back to the bottom of the Beanstalk before starting a second climb. A player does not need to roll the exact number to reach the cloud at the top of the Beanstalk.

The first player to reach the top of the Beanstalk for a second time collects their second piece of Treasure - the Bag of Gold and wins the game.