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Magic Oven baking game rules

Please view the PDF for more details and images to illustrate the different parts.

Getting Ready to Play

  • Unfold the board and put it in the middle of the table.
  • Plug the spinner into its base through the hole in the board.
  • Load the oven with the golden pie crusts and one dark “burned pie” crust placed randomly in the pile, through the back door.
  • Put the oven on its space in the middle of the board.
  • There are four colours of pie dish with three of each colour – 12 dishes in all. Each player takes a set of three dishes of the same colour.
  • Before play starts each player puts one of their pie dishes on the MAKE YOUR PIE space closest to them.
  • Put all the green apple pie fillings on the apple chopping corner of the board and all the pastry bases on the pastry rolling corner of the board.

Playing the Game

  • The youngest player goes first, then play moves to the left.
  • Spin the spinner and move the pie dish clockwise round the board by that number.
  • Do what the space tells you to do. It will be one of these three things:

Make Your Pie – take a pastry base from the corner of the board and put it into your pie dish. If the dish already has a pastry base, you add a green apple filler from the apple chopping corner of the board. If you already have both in there, that is the end of your turn.

Bake Your Pie – if you have a pastry base AND an apple filler in your pie dish you go to the oven and “bake” your pie, if not that is the end of your turn.

Mistake – oh dear – you must take the pastry base (if you have it) and the apple filling (if you have it) out of your pie dish, and put them back on their piles in the corners of the board. That is the end of your turn.

Baking a Pie

Open the oven door downwards and gently pull out the baking tray until it stops. It does not come all the way out.

Pick up your filled pie dish and put it into the half circle guide as shown. Slide the baking tray back in fully and close the oven door. Make sure the tray is all the way
back otherwise it will catch on the door. Now turn the magic pot on the oven top clockwise a quarter turn then turn it back.


The pot does not turn if the door is open. If you force it – it will break the oven.

Open the door, pull the shelf back out and take your lovely baked pie with its new golden pie crust (9). Keep it beside you on the table.

Now take your next empty pie dish and place it on the MAKE YOUR PIE space nearest you, ready for your next turn.

Burned Pie

If you take out the pie and it has a dark pie crust, it has been burned and you have to take out everything and start making the pie again from your closest MAKE YOUR PIE space.


The first player to bake three pies with golden pie crusts is the winner.