Pumpazing Rules

Players must pump ZINGY to pop off the ZINGERS, but beware: if ZINGY goes UH-OH... you lose a ZINGY Card.

Pass-the-parcel style fun with hilarious sounds and active play for pre-schoolers.


1 x Zingy
Pumpazing unit.
4 x Zinger Heads
12 x Zingy Cards

Pumpazing contents


Each player pumps Zingy to launch a Zinger. Each time a Zinger flies off you pass Zingy to the next player. If Zingy goes UH-OH you lose a Zingy Card. The last player to have any Zingy Cards left is the winner.


For two players or more - Youngest player goes first.
Deal out the Zingy Cards as follows:
2 Players - 6 Zinger Cards each
3 Players - 4 Zinger Cards each
4 Players - 3 Zinger Cards each
The first player picks up Zingy and turns him on using the power switch labelled 'I-O' on the back of the unit. The player then presses the reset button down as shown in Picture A.
Now load the Zinger heads one by one into the holes on the top of Zingy. Push each head into the hole until it clicks as shown in picture B. Make sure the Zingers face the same way as the main unit or they will not click home.

Now you are ready to play.

The first player starts by holding Zingy's hands and pumping in and out until one of the Zinger heads flies off. If you get a nice ZING or BOING sound you are okay and you pass Zingy to the next player to your left.

The second player then pumps the arms in and out until a second Zinger head flies off. Again if they get a ZING or BOING sound they are safe and can pass Zingy to the next player. At any time Zingy can catch you out by saying UH-OH when a Zinger head flies off. If this happens, put a Zingy Card back in the box. After all four Zinger Heads have flown off you must press the reset button as shown in picture E and then re-load the Zinger Heads.

Keep pumping Zingy and passing him from player to player until there is only one player left with any Zingy cards. That player is the winner. Players who lose all their Zingy Cards continue to take turns at pumping Zingy until the game is won.

Pumpazing can also be played in a 'knock-out' style: as soon as a player gets an UH-OH, they are knocked out of the game. This is generally better for large groups.

Pumpazing instructions

IMPORTANT: Zingy's arms MUST be pulled in and out to their full extent, halfway pulls will not count. Excessive force is not needed, but there will be a small audible 'click' when the arms are fully extended.


Use a Phillips/cross head screw-driver (not included) to loosen the screw in the battery compartment door. Remove door. Insert 3 x 1.5V fresh "AAA" or LR03 size alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries are required. Replace door and tighten screw.

Battery information

Remove rechargeable batteries from the toy before recharging.
Only recharge batteries under adult supervision.
Do not recharge non-rechargeable batteries.
Do not mix different types of batteries, or new and used batteries.
Use only AAA or their equivalent as stated.
Insert batteries in the correct polarity.
Remove exhausted (used) batteries from the toy.
Do not short circuit the supply terminals of the batteries.
Do not insert connecting wires into electrical socket outlets.

Disposal of old Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

This symbol on the product or its packaging indicates that this product shall not be treated as household waste. Instead it should be handed over to the appliance collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. For more detailed information about recycling of this product, please contact your local Civic Office, your household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product. If returning the old product to the store where you purchased the new item from you should first check they are in an applicable scheme. The old product must have the same function as the new product and may have to be returned within a set period from the date of purchase of the new item. You must take proof of purchase of your new item when returning your old product to the store.

Requires 3 x AAA Batteries NOT INCLUDED. Please remember that small button cells, AA and AAA batteries should be kept away from young children as they could be easily swallowed. Seek medical advice if you believe a cell has been swallowed.

Contents may vary from those shown.

CAUTION: Hair entanglement may result if child's hair comes in contact with moving parts.

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