Rocket Race Rules

Getting Ready:

Press the red launch tube onto the launch pad.

Place the rocket onto the launch tube.

Each player take an astronaut.

The starting space is beside the red button.

Object of the game:

To race round the meteor track and be the first astronaut to blast-off in the rocket.


The youngest player starts.

Push down the red button. A number will appear in the launch pad's side window. Move your astronaut that number along the meteor track.

Now spin the red disk under the rocket. A colour appears in the window on top of the launch pad. If the window arrows point to black, your turn is over.

If they point to any other colour, turn the silver arrow under the yellow pump, round the dial to that colour.

Now bang down the pump. Any astronaut blown up off the meteor track by the blast must start at the beginning again on their next turn.

The player on your left goes next.

Landing on another Astronaut:

If your move ends on a space that has another astronaut on it, move your astronaut on to the next free space.

Arrows and Green Globs:

If your astronaut lands on an "arrow-space" move him onto the "Green Glob" which the arrow is pointing to until your next turn. This saves your astronaut from being blown off the track. If another astronaut is on the "Green Glob" when you land on its arrow- space, just stay on the arrow and move as normal next turn. When you move on from a "Green Glob", use its arrow-space as your first step back onto the meteor track.

Reaching the Rocket:

If you are first to reach the Rocket put your astronaut into the cock-pit (the exact number is not required). Move the silver arrow under the yellow pump to the rocket picture and BANG down the pump to launch the rocket and win the game!