Wordsearch Game Rules

Object of the Game

Be the one to find most words and win!


2-4 Players. Age 8 and up.


1 Wordsearch board
10 two sided game cards with 20 games
4 x 70 marking pieces (red, yellow, green, blue)
1 instruction leaflet


Place the game in the middle of the table.

The players choose a game card and place it onto the white wheel on the baseboard, fitting the holes to the pins. The transparent playing board is placed on top of this, with the rounded openings facing up. Finally the green ring is put into position. (see fig. 1)

Turn the transparent playing board around to the point where the green starting space is positioned in the opening of the green ring. (see fig. 2)

Each player is assigned a color and will play with the corresponding marking pieces.

Start of the game:

The youngest player starts. Turn the playing board in a clockwise direction until the first word is revealed.

This word must be read out loud by the player.

All the players now search for the word in the field.

The hidden word can be positioned in all directions, written from left to right from right to left, horizontally, vertically and diagonally, but is always on one straight line. (see fig. 3) The first player to find the word and shout it out, covers the found word with his/her coloured markers.

Attention! When a player shouts out the word and is not able to point out the word immediately, this player will have to sit that round out until one of the other players has found the word.

Game continues:

Play continues in clockwise direction. The next player turns the green ring until the next word is revealed.

The game continues until all the words have been played and the green starting space reappears.

Crossing words:

If a newly found word crosses a word that has already been found, the markers of the original found word that has been crossed with the new word are replaced by the markers of the new word. Markers of the same colour that cross a word can stay the same colour. (see fig 4)

End of the game:

The game ends when all the words have been played or if one of the players runs out of markers.


The winner is the one who has most of his colored markers on the board.

New Game:

Players will choose another game card and repeat the above

Storage advice:

Store the marking pieces by color in separate bags.

Figures 1 to 4