4 - 20+ Players, Aged 12+

about Articulate

It’s the fast talking description game!

With over 2 million games sold, what can we say about Articulate! that hasn’t been said already?

Describe a word without actually saying it might sound very simple, but when you’re racing against the timer… well, let’s just say that it isn’t!

Articulate draws the shy from their shell, de-cocks the cocky and unites whole roomfuls of people in bouts of good old-fashioned hysterical laughter.

This multi award-winning game is regularly found on ‘top pick’ lists everywhere, and for very good reason. With 500 cards featuring all of 3,000 topics included, the game is a true ‘laster’, and there are more games in the Articulate family for the real enthusiast!



"This has to be one of my favourite board games and it is our family favourite! You can play it over and over without changing the cards as there are so many options (and everyone describes them very differently!). This has brought us many hilarious moments (and a few little disagreements) and I have been trying to get my friends into playing it too! I have never seen a room of people so still and focussed as when trying to concentrate on an 'all' description. Great fun for a wide range of ages, as everyone can describe the words as they understand them."

"A revelation for family gatherings. Great fun for all ages. I mean, seriously great fun. Has to be one of the best board games we've bought."

"A simple game, easy to learn and get in to, and enormous fun. Even once you've gone through all the things to be described on the cards, you can still play using the same cards as everyone describes things differently, so a game which should stand the test of time."

"Fantastic family fun.Great for a mix of ages.We could not stop playing it over the christmas holidays.An excellent gift for any family or friend."

"Played this on Boxing Day with all the in-laws and family crossing ages from 18 to 80. This is SUPERB fun and is amusing how competitive one can get and hilariously frustrated when trying to explain some words. Highly recommended and as a result I'm buying a set for my New Year's Eve party!"