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Articulate – the morning after
August 1, 2015

About the Not-so-quiet night in blog.

A great bunch of people. Dinner, or snacks, or a take-away. On your best china, or straight from the pizza box. Cocktails? Wine, beers, coffee, fizzy pop, juice, water, whatever. Shut the telly away, put some music on, get out the board games, laugh, make a fool of yourself, make a fool of other people, balance the ‘graceful win’ with the ‘gleeful gloat’, perhaps have another drink and a few more nibbles. Leave later than you planned; resolve to do this again.

This is our blog for everybody who enjoys a good old session with fine friends and a first-rate board game. You are not alone!!! Enjoy. Posts are generally by Alex or Connie - do say 'hello' if you're passing.

(Food or drink producer? Musician? Creator of Nice Things In Which People Might Be Interested? Tell us about your stuff on blog@drumondpark.co.uk)

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