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December 4, 2018

Four games for Christmas #4 - A bonus for 'Articulate' lovers!

Articulate Your Life, and the Articulate Extra Pack.

For the millions of 'Articulate' fans…

In a gazillion homes worldwide… a perennial top-ten seller… a staple of raucous dinner parties, freshers’-week ice-breakers, youth group get-togethers, lazy Sunday afternoons in the pub, intense board game café sessions… you name it!

Where on Earth do Articulate fans go from here? Well, here are two options:

For fresh challenges on your existing much-loved Articulate board, you’ll want to seek out the Articulate Extra Pack #1. Three thousand new things to describe in the original categories… it’ll keep you busy for the next few years!

And for a completely new (yet pleasingly familiar) game… you’ll find Articulate Your Life starring in toy shops and department stores across the UK. You’ll find the gameplay and laugh-out-loud-factor very similar, but Articulate Your Life brings six totally different question categories, with cards that are slightly more left-field to test your creative description powers!

Both products come from the same team that brought you the original – so expect the same sort of gabbling team-based lunacy that you know and love…

You can also click here to see all the other brilliant games within the Articulate family!

Whichever you choose – enjoy your Christmas Articulating!

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