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May 1, 2019

From Bang On: Famous Bridges (under pressure!)

‘Name a famous bridge’.

Easy peasy, start the timer and BRING IT ON! There’s – ahhh…

Bang On’s one of those hugely fun shouty games where the arguments about judging are as riotous as the game itself.

With this card, we have a potential flashpoint: the exact definition of ‘famous’. Judge as hard and ruthless as you like – it’s not for us to come between you and your uber-competitive sister.

Just remember that when it’s your turn, you’re then likely to be pulled up on Gidea Park being a ‘major’ railway station.

So famous bridges? Any type, anywhere in the world. Let’s bash ‘em out!


Tower Bridge! If you’re not living in a different city with a major bridge, literally everybody says ‘Tower Bridge’ first. We’ve researched this thoroughly*, and it’s true.


Sydney Harbour Bridge! No arguments at all about the famous nature of this – known and loved the world over. It was added to the Australian National Heritage List in 2007, to join the other two things on there THAT WAS A JOKE SORRY SORRY PLEASE DO NOT BOYCOTT OUR GAMES IN AUSTRALIA.


The Humber Bridge! An engineering marvel; Grade 1 listed… but unless you use the route or live in the region, possibly Britain’s most under-celebrated bridge. Go pay a visit, bridge-fans!


The Forth Bridge! Canny players might attempt to steal an extra point here by differentiating the rail and road bridges, although we’d say that it’s the rail bridge that’s the famous one, although you might judge that both meet the criteria… look we told you we weren’t getting involved, okay?


Wayne Bridge! Nearly forty caps for England, and spells at four Premiership clubs… the footballer is perfectly acceptable as an answer for this card.


Bridge over Troubled Water!

Right, you’re pushing it now. Still… one of the best-selling singles ever, covered by a gazillion other bands and artists and periodically murdered via the medium of TV talent shows and karaoke sessions. We’d accept this one. Just.


Bridget Jones’s Diary!

Now you’re just being silly. Besides – your time’s out.

*It happened twice when we played in the office.

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