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February 20, 2016

Things we love: The whiskey sour

The nibbles are in the oven; the Articulate board is ready on the table; you’ve triumphed in the argument about the music. Time to begin your not-so-quiet evening in by MAKING A COCKTAIL.

Because nothing screams ‘sophistication’ like making cocktails. The trouble is, nothing also screams ‘I am trying to scream “sophistication”’ like making cocktails. So set aside the peach schnapps and miniature umbrellas, Rodney. Instead, let's get going with a Whiskey Sour – the Drumond Park Web Team’s cocktail of choice.

Pour the following into your shaker, in quantities as accurate as you feel is important:

  • Four parts American Whiskey. Bourbon, rye etc.
    You know the brands! We’re not the pickiest of connoisseurs here, even though we’re writing from Norfolk, the Kentucky of the UK. Our favourite at the moment is Bulleit Bourbon (‘The Frontier Whiskey’) which we sourced from the gritty frontier of a Duty Free shop. Choose your own brand or use the old trick of placing the expensive bottle on show at the table, then sneakily whipping everything up in the kitchen using Costcutter Own Label.
  • Do not under any circumstances use Scotch Whisky. It seriously won’t be nice.
  • Two parts fresh lemon juice.
  • One part Gomme syrup.
    What do you MEAN: ‘I don’t have Gomme syrup in the cupboard’?!? Cocktails require advanced planning. You can make your own sugar syrup, if you have too much time on your hands.

Hardcore whiskey sour fans will add a dash of egg white to the mix; this may be a step too far for some of your guests (assuming they are involved in the making process).

Shake well, serve with lots of ice, a slice of orange and a fine board game.


Bulleit Bourbon. Mmmm.
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