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January 12, 2018

The #Articulate Tweet Hall of Fame

It's been a massively Articulatey Christmas and New Year once more.

With the game right up there in the top-seller charts once more, and 'Articulate' trending on Christmas Day, we've had bags of your social media stuff to chortle about in the office.

So THANK YOU for sharing your shameful definitions, famous victories, family bust-ups, family reconciliations, photographs of 'Articulate' sets set proudly amidst the carnage of early-morning New Year's Day, WTF moments and everything else to do with the game!

(If you haven't yet then don't be shy. Use the hashtag #articulate and we'll find it...)

To mop up after Christmas, we sat down in the 'Articulate' office and picked our top four tweets from the period, all of which demonstrate one or more aspect of what makes a 'memorable' session with the game.

So, without further ado...

In fourth place we chose THE AARDVARK. Just because it was so, so, incomprehensibly... wrong.

Next comes leading tudor monarch, serial executioner and church reformer HARRY HILL. We can understand the confusion.

In at number two, the team appreciated the simple elegance of this one. We see a lot of bizarre animal descriptions. But 'tall sheep' - that's genius.

Our favourite caused a few stern eyebrows in the team, making use of an illegal 'begins with' tactic. But we're not here to referee. Let's just applaud the beauty of this one. Hats off to 'Slip Slops'!

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