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January 7, 2019

The 'Articulate' Hall of Fame 2018

Well, another year's been and gone. And as usual, we've been dipping into what people say about our games on social media.

Not for any evil corporate purposes, you understand. Just to make us laugh.

We did this last year and it proved quite popular, so here it is again: our shortlist of the year's best fails, misunderstandings and general WTF moments... it's the 'Articulate' Tweet Hall of Fame!

At number five, we'll start off with this one. Not a fail, but just - as noted - possibly the best Articulate description ever:


At four, another younger player. Brilliant surrealism. Deadpool. Not Blackpool.


At three, we move on to the grown-ups. Who should know better. Here's a lesser known figure from the world of impressionist painting:


Number two wasn't a fail. Just the best video we saw all year. Better even than the lady impersonating a goat, which we must dig out one day. Ladies and gentlemen: a cat with some ham:


But the winner has everything. Bizarre injuries, and a much-loved radio personality. All together now: 'Terry Wogan!!!'


Thanks for enjoying our game, everybody. We'll finish on one from LOGO...

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