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February 1, 2018

From the games: Cool American Tourist Attractions for Big Kids

From the game: Bang On!

The challenge: Name a popular American tourist attraction

This is the game that asks you to shout out as many items as you can – under the slightly unusual (but extremely effective) pressure of the Bang On fairground hammer bashing thing. (Watch the video and it’ll all make sense).

Statue of Liberty, yes. Golden Gate Bridge, yeah yeah. Grand Canyon – simple.

The first ones are the easiest… then it becomes a bit of a panic. So we’ll help you out with this one, with our crib-sheet of Cool American Tourist Attractions for Big Kids.

They may prompt a challenge from the other team – but we can assure you that they’re all genuine…

The International Towing and Recovery Museum, Chattanooga, TN


Artefacts, memorabilia and history, all pertaining to the industry of vehicle recovery. If your experience with vehicle recovery has been tainted by that four-hour wait on the hard shoulder of the M62, then the museum promises ‘the only place in the world that offers a close encounter with a tow truck that is actually fun, positive, and nostalgic.’ And let’s face it – what big kid doesn’t like a tow truck?

Carhenge, Alliance, NE


This one is both self-explanatory and defies description at the same time. It’s a henge! Of cars! It might be a bit off the beaten track, but then so is the original Stone variety of henge – and with this one you can get right up close (and enjoy free admission).

The National Christmas Center, Paradise, PA


Paradise indeed – it’s Christmas every day in this humungous… hang on – it’s closed! Boooo. For two decades, an institution amongst institutions, the attraction has now shut up shop – but all is not lost as you have a chance to purchase the museum for yourselves! Now come on – what could be cooler for a big kid than owning your own Christmas museum? We so hope they get a buyer to continue this most American of American attractions.

The Dukes of Hazzard Museum, Nashville, TN


Run by Cooter himself (or at least Ben Jones, the actor), get your photo taken sitting in the General Lee, see Daisy Duke’s jeep, Rosco’s patrol car, plus shedloads of memorabilia from the show that had your dad shouting at you for climbing through his car window. We’ve actually been to this one, and it’s geekily ace.

The National Museum of Play, Rochester, NY


We sent a Drumond Park delegation here a couple of years back, and it is AMAZING. If you’re even remotely interested in toys and games (and why are you here if you’re not?) then go visit New York State with your family and spend a jaw-dropping day here. We wrote a full report about our visit here, and we implore you to read it!

And in case you've not seen Bang On itself... here's the game in full flow!

Bang On!
Sad that the National Christmas Center has closed
Picture credit: Christopher Michel [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
The Museum of Play: Amazing
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