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November 18, 2023

LOGO Bingo - Make up your own Lingo!

All the fives… fifty-five! Two little ducks… twenty-two!

‘Bingo Lingo’ has been part of the game since time immemorial. But what do you do when much of that established lingo is a tiny bit… dated?

Answer: you make up your own, of course!

Well, that’s the opportunity for you, anyway, when it’s your turn to be caller in the brand-spanking-new-only-just-in-the-shops LOGO Bingo game.

To be honest, you won’t have much choice! Because LOGO Bingo dispenses with all that old-fashioned ‘numbers’ business, replacing them with – *checks notes* – logos! Hence LOGO Bingo. It’s bingo. With logos.

So don your sparkly bingo-caller jacket, and prepare to announce each logo with your own lingo! An ad strapline, for instance. A clever description. Or just something funny that rhymes.

LOGO Bingo’s exclusive to Smyth’s Toys Superstores at the moment, so head on over there to pick up your set!

Top out of date Bingo Lingo

  • Was she worth it…? 56! Came from the cost of a marriage license: five shillings and sixpence, in days of yore, before money became sensible.
  • Here comes Herbie… 53! Fifty-three was the race number of the lovable ‘Herbie’ VW Beetle, star of a number of films from decades ago that aren’t as good as you remembered from when you were a kid.
  • 59… the Brighton Line! We understood that rail passengers could once journey from London to Brighton in 59 minutes. (This was in the days of steam, however, before Southern Rail).
  • Rishi’s… ahh… Liz’s… ahhh... Boris’s Den… number 10! Not just out of date, but a massive great revolving door of out-of-dateness.
  • Old age pension – 65! (Back from the days when you weren’t expected to continue working until after you had literally died of old age)

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