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March 25, 2024

Bear with us...

We’re heads-down, tappety-tapping away at our coding keyboards at the mo, shifting/having shifted* this entire website across to a brand-new dot co dot uk domain.

It’s quite a lot of work. And, if we’re completely honest, not as much fun as playing board games.

Why? Well it’s a long story, all to do with territories. If you read our blog post about international Articulate! last autumn (TRIGGER WARNING: contains dancing milkmaids) then you’ll know that our games are being sold in more and more countries worldwide, often by local licensees.

So, for instance, if you’re in Australia and want to stock up on Articulate!, you’ll be needing to head across to our friends down under at Ventura Games. And the Customer Services team here won’t be much use if you ring them with a broken spinner issue. They’ll all be in bed, for one thing.

Hence the shift to a UK domain for us lot here. Although we still love ALL our international visitors – please keep coming!

Old links (as printed on game boxes) should be rediverting, and we’re hoping that we’re on top of all the internal site links, QR codes and wotnot. But feel free to yell at us on social media if you find otherwise...

*at time of writing, definitely the former.

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