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February 6, 2024

The UK's Board Game Cafe List

This has been on our 'to dos' for some time - a completely updated list of board game cafes across the UK.

It's ordered geographically, from South to North (which seemed more sensible than doing things alphabetically). There's also a map version, if that's helpful.

Going through and updating our old list was both a sobering and positive process.

Sobering, because we've seen a fair few lovely-looking venues forced to close their doors. COVID was brutal for the sector, and the hospitality industry still faces huge challenges. And given that board game cafes are generally tiny businesses, set up and run by massively enthusiastic and nice people, our very best wishes go to those who didn't make it through.

Positive, because what was once thought of as a niche and slightly eccentric venture is now being seen in more and more towns and cities across the land. Long may this continue! Whether you're up for a five-hour play session, or simply want to pop in for a cake, give these people your support.

So here's the list, with the usual caveats: information correct at time of writing, and we're not endorsing or recommending any one over the other! And don't shout at us if your favourite is missing - just hit us up on Insta or Twitter and we'll add them to the list, pronto.

* * *

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