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October 3, 2018

The UK's Board Game Cafe map

Here's a small resource for you - a map of UK board game cafes, listed with short descriptions.

Head down with some friends; pay a small cover charge; settle down with coffee, cake and a game of your choice.

It won't be exhaustive, as things like this change just as soon as you've created them - but we'll try to keep it up to date. LET US KNOW of any omissions, mistakes, openings and closures, whether you're an owner or a punter!

For this map, we've stuck to established, regularly-open board game cafes - there are hundreds more once-a-month popups; special events; themed board games nights at community centres; and bars/pubs that keep games on a shelf for interested customers. If you're running such an event and they include our games, drop us a tweet and we're very happy to help spread the word.

We've included a brief summary but then linked through to their website so you can find out more. Board game cafes often lean towards strategy ('gamer') games, rather than the party/family approach of our own games, but most of them stock a wide range and variety, and we're very happy to support everybody - anything that brings people together to enjoy games in a 'real life' environment is good by us! The vast majority are very small businesses, run by people with a passion for what they do - what's not to like?

Make a special trip, or support them by dropping in for a coffee as you pass.

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