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September 16, 2016

Park those pixels… what’s THAT all about?!?

So we have a new strapline-kind-of-thing on the Drumond Park homepage:

(“Set down that screen. Drop that download. Park those pixels… and play!”)

We hope that makes you feel suitably dynamic about going out and buying loads more of our games, right now, this minute. (That’s what our highly-paid copywriters promised us would happen, anyway, before they left early for the weekend in their Bentleys.)

Although really, it’s just us making the point that the physical board-type game experience is a whole lot different to that of the virtual screeny-type ones.

We wouldn’t be so foolish as to say ‘better’ – just ‘different’.

Let’s face it, all of us here at Drumond Park HQ have been known to spend periods of time glued to our phones. We love our devices, and are happy to admit to hoarding all sorts of gadgets in the office and at home: tablets, laptops, handhelds, consoles and all.

But occasionally it’s time to unplug. To get together face to face. To chat; to laugh and to have some fun.

Which continues to be our starting point: the human touch. A little piece of real life in an increasingly virtual world. From joyous and silly kids’ amusements to grown-up diversions that bring family and friends together. And a rumbustuous board game session is kind of special, isn’t it? We think so, anyway…

"Hello - tech support? I can't load Candy Crush..."
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