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Image credit: Don't Buy it, Make It Facebook Page.
June 3, 2016

Things we love: The Piano Bar

Here's a talking point for the corner of your living room: the 'piano bar'.

We saw it on the ever-fascinating 'Don't Buy It, Make It' Facebook page. It appears to have originated from The Urban Upcyclers - you can see it on their Etsy store here; a browse around the rest of their stock is very worthwhile (although sadly, they're based overseas to us.)

We've known of a couple of people who've struggled to give away their bashed-up old pianos... so we're hoping that this will inspire you to get out the woodworking tools and a pot of paint.

A Google image search for 'upcycled piano' will give you shedloads of ideas... but if you can't wait to get going and have a spare minute, here's the very creative and amiable 'Mr. Fix It,' with his step-by-step instructions as to how to make your very own piano bar.

Other things we love: the Dice Stool...
...and the pallet BBQ
Photo: Mark Bakelaar/Malnter.org
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