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December 1, 2023

Logo Bonus Question #6

Whose autobiography ‘A Simples Life’ compared well in the Christmas pre-order market, dominating similar bios by Tony Blair and Katie Price?

(Scroll down for the answer!)

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Aleksandr Orlov – meerkat star of the ‘Compare...’ TV ads – announced his autobiography in autumn 2010, immediately pushing the ex-PM down Amazon’s pre-order bestseller lists.

Katie Price and a cohort of other celebs similarly suffered, finding themselves with fewer than half the pre-orders of the furry insurance-seller-turned-author.

(When we say ‘his’ book, obviously the animated meerkat didn’t actually write it himself. That would have been his sidekick, Sergei.)

For a bonus question… who came to stay with Aleksandr and Sergei for this year?

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Carl the Wombat arrived in December 2022, and currently shows no sign of packing his bags for the return trip to Australia.

Wombats are, by nature, shy and retiring – somewhat unlike the bumptious interloper. Perhaps he is related to the crazed wombat who – in 2010 – savagely mauled an Australian man in rural Victoria, with Reuters reporting that the inexplicably ferocious creature had to be fought off with an axe.

We need to send this story to the movie execs behind ‘Cocaine Bear’…

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