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December 5, 2023

Logo Bonus Question #7

True Love… For You… Don’t Cry… What are you eating?

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Invented in the 1950’s, Love Hearts quickly became one of Britain’s favourite confectionary products, and enjoys an iconic status well beyond any simple, common-or-garden, packet of sweets.

The idea of stamping different cute messages on each Heart, coupled with Swizzels’s particular genius for design and marketing, has kept the product thriving, even as other much-loved sweetie brands of yesterday have disappeared from the shelves.

And when we say ‘thriving’, we mean ‘thriving’. In fact, every year, one-and-three-quarter BILLION Love Hearts come off the production line at Swizzels’s factory in the Derbyshire Peak District.

That’s a lotta love.

Those messages have changed over the years, of course. You’ll have to ask your great-granddad what ‘FAX ME’ meant, whilst you patiently explain in return the significance of the latest Love Heart emojis.

For a bonus question – Love Hearts with personalised packaging are a romantic feature of many weddings… but which celebrity couple scored with an even bigger gesture, having the sweets themselves especially manufactured with personal messages for their Big Day?

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Wayne and Coleen Rooney decided to make their favourite amorous confectionary a feature of their wedding in 2011 – the same year that the Swizzels Matlow plant was dubbed “The Factory of Love”, due to the 100+ employees who had met and found love at the factory.

It must be something in the water…

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