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December 8, 2023

Logo Bonus Question #8

A TV ad from 2011 shows astronauts landing at Luton Airport. Where SHOULD they have gone?

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Specsavers, of course.

The ad, featuring a team of square-jawed American heroes piloting their shuttle down through the clouds into what they thought was Houston, formed part of a classic run of commercials for the High Street optician chain.

Everybody has their favourite, whether it be the vet performing feline surgery upon a fur hat, a kindly pensioner couple mistakenly boarding a seaside roller-coaster, John Cleese giving the wrong car a ‘damn good thrashing’ or the bearded crofter shearing his own sheepdog.

The ‘should’ve…’ tagline became one of those very rare things – an advertising slogan that lodged itself into everyday English popular culture. Like ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’. Or ‘naughty but nice’. Or… er… ‘the game of brands you know and love’ *cough*

For a bonus question: which beloved children’s TV character starred in his very own animated Specsavers ad?

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‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers, Pat,’ muttered P.C. Selby, as the unfortunate Postman Pat careened wildly through the village of Greendale with his black-and-white cat plastered across the windscreen of his van.

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