CoOperate Online
2 - 4 players, aged 4+

about CoOperate Online

Want to see what the CoOperate challenges are like?

Click or tap on the CoOperate card to see some examples, and ideally gather some friends around and split yourself into two teams to try a test round or two!

Your first step is to decide - in 30 brief seconds - how many words your team can shout out that meet the CoOperate Challenge on screen.

Immediately after deciding your target number you have another 30 seconds to actually shout out the right number of words. If you managed to reach your target that's your score - BUT if you don't reach that number YOU SCORE NOTHING.

The CoOperate board game is an all-or-nothing team game with three ways to play that take it from pressure cooker stress to light-hearted family fun, but whichever way you play you'll have a hilarious hullabaloo!




CoOperate - a new board game for 2021 from the Articulate! people