Puff Ball Set 3 Large

For 2 or more players, aged 6+

about Puff Ball Set 3 Large

Puff Ball is the dynamic, action packed, two-person puff-power game. Build your tracks then someone shout START and the players race to blow the balls from cup to cup, onto the stand, through the hoop and over the bridge to win. It’s frantic and fiendish, but practice makes puff-fect.

This large set includes 41 pieces that you can use to build a standard track or make up your own special sequence with golf tee stunts, bridges, hoops, and the bounce platform and mousetrap stunt - both unique to this set.

As long as both tracks have the same selection of tricks and obstacles the race is on. The player with the perfect puff is bound to win – unless beginners luck alters the odds.

Puff Ball is a new kind of construction set with brilliant game play which requires a whole new skill set. Gentle but firm, positive but restrained, learning just the right amount and direction of puff to get those balls through those obstacles is the challenge. It’s like riding a bike, get the right balance and you’re off!

Become an Expert Puff Baller with set 3! New stunts to test your skill, and an exciting finish.

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"Great fun for son’s party. Bought this for my son’s 9th birthday party. Kids loved the challenge of getting the ball from one side of the course we’d set up to the other - some found it easier than others but that was the fun of it!! Great fun!!"

"Kids love it! Bought for my kids and they absolutely loved the challenge of blowing the balls in and out of the cups. Also loved putting the pieces together to make different tracks. Kids are now bugging me for a bigger set!"

"Fun for all the family. This is a great game. We had a family gathering where the kids, parents and even granny loved it! Would recommend to all."