Puff Ball Instructions

For 2 or more players, age 6+

How to Play Puff Ball

The new and unique way to get a ball from one cup to another cup.

Connect the cups and add different stunts to build your unique tracks and race. With a quick puff, blow your ball from cup to cup, through and over stunts to get to the end before your opponent.

Simply ‘Puff’ your way from one end of the track to the other.

There are four sets to collect: The Starter set to practice your skills with the Puff Ball stunts, or race another player over three cups each. The other three sets contain more pieces so multiple players can make bigger and more exciting tracks to race with.

Instructions on how to connect the pieces can be found in the PDF.

Find out what pieces are included in:

Puff Ball Set 1 (starter) >>>

Puff Ball Set 2 (mid-size) >>>

Puff Ball Set 3 (large) >>>

Puff Ball Set 4 (extreme) >>>