Colour of Money Game Rules

Rules for 2 to 6 Players


To be the only player to reach the Colour of Money Target or be the player achieving the highest score over the target.


Switch on the Module and place it on its space in the centre of the playing board.

Place each of the Colour of Money Cards in the spaces provided on the board.

Place each of the 20 Scoreboard Markers over the matching value on the Scoreboard.

Each player chooses a playing piece and places it on the starting position at the beginning of the money trail along the board.

Shuffle the 12 Target Amount Cards then place one face-up on the space provided on the board.


The First Turn:

The youngest player starts by choosing one of the 20 Colour of Money Cards and removing it from the board. The selected colour is scrolled to on the module.

When everyone is ready any player can press the start button to begin the money count for the chosen card. The unit will start counting up from £1,000 (in increments of £1,000).

This will continue until the amount from the card is exceeded, in which case the count will stop.

At any time during the count any player can stop or ask another player to stop the unit.

Players who stop the unit win the amount showing on the display at that time. These players move their piece onto that amount on the money trail.

With a further press of the button the unit is re-started to continue the count.

Any player who does not have the unit stopped before the money amount on that colour has been exceeded wins nothing from that round.

If all the players have stopped the unit before the amount from that colour has been reached, the button is still pressed again to continue the count to reveal how much money was available from that colour.

The marker on the scoreboard that is covering the amount that was revealed is removed from the scoreboard.

If more than one player shouts stop at the same time, these players all take the score that is currently showing on the module. Other players cannot decide to take this amount during the period in which the module has been stopped.

Further turns:

The player to the left of the youngest player now chooses another coloured card from the 19 that remain and this colour is played by using the module in the same way. Players register any further amounts they win by adding them to their current score and moving their playing piece onto this new total on the money trail.

Players continue to choose and play cards in a clockwise direction until any player(s) reach the target or after the tenth key has been played.


The first player to reach the target amount before or after the 10th colour has been played is the winner.

Should more than one player reach the target during the same colour, the player who exceeds the target by the largest amount wins the game.

If no player has reached the target after the 10th colour has been played then no winner is declared and the game is replayed

Single player game

A single player can play alone by simply trying to reach their selected target score.