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Logo Lite Game Rules


To fill up your Disc Holder with the six different coloured Discs.


Before starting assemble the game (see save/print link above).

Each player is given a set of six different coloured Discs.

Place the Question Cards in the tray with the side that shows a picture nearest the end with the curved cut-out.

Decide which plastic Disc Holder Quadrant will 'belong to' each player.


There are three kinds of Question Card.

Picture Cards - the questions relate to the picture.

Pot Luck Cards - with a random selection of LOGO questions.

Theme Cards - all the answers have a common theme.


The youngest player goes first and the player to their left will be the Question Master (QM) who will ask their questions.

The QM takes the first card from the 'curved' end of the tray and asks the player the first question. If the question is a Picture Card or Theme Card, the QM shows the picture or theme of the card to the player - whilst hiding the question side from the other players.


If the player answers correctly, they get to spin the Spinner and place the coloured Disc that matches the colour they have spun onto their Disc Holder. If they have already put that coloured Disc onto their Disc Holder, they win nothing and move on to the next question.

The QM goes on to ask the player the remaining questions on the card. Each time the player gets a question correct they get to spin, to try and put more of their Discs onto their Disc Holder. Once the player has answered all the questions correctly, their turn is over and the card is returned to the back of the tray./p>


If the player gets a question wrong, the QM asks it to the next player to the right. If they get it correct they take a bonus spin. If they don't answer correctly, the QM asks the question to the next player and so on, until one player gets the question correct or all the players have got it wrong.

The QM now asks the next question on the card to the original player, and play continues as above until all the questions on the card have been asked and answered - at which point the turn is over.

The player now becomes the Question Master and takes the next card and starts a new turn with the player to their right.

If you are playing a two player game, there are no bonus answers and the QM just goes to the next question on the card.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As you start filling your Disc Holder with coloured Discs, it will get harder and harder to spin the right colour to complete your disc set. You might have to answer six or seven questions correctly before you finally spin the colour of your last remaining piece to win.


The first player to place all six coloured Discs in their Disc Holder is the winner.