game box

Logo What Am I? Rules

A Game for 3 - 6 Players


Playing Board
250 Logo What Am I? Cards
6 Playing Pieces
Special Dice
Sand Timer
Paper Pad


Lay out the playing board. Each player picks a coloured playing piece and puts it on the "Go!" space.

Question Cards:

The two sides of each card are called:
1) The Picture Side - This shows the "Guess It" challenge
2) The Challenge Side - This shows the "Draw It" challenge and the "Describe It" challenge
These icons match the ones on the playing board.
Always take cards from the end of the box which shows the "Challenge Side" of the cards.
Make sure that no one else sees either side of the card during a turn.

Sand Timer:

The person to the left of the current player flips the timer to start the turn.
Each player has one turn of the sand timer to get the others to guess their Challenge.


The oldest player starts by taking the first card. Each player's first round of the game is always a "Describe It" round. In later turns players use the category of the playing space their piece is sitting on.

Guessing and Moving:

The other players can make as many guesses as they like until the timer runs out.
If no one guesses what a Challenge word is before the timer runs out, then no one moves.
If someone DOES guess the player's Challenge word, both he and the person who guessed his word correctly each win a throw of the dice. Each player then moves his playing piece round the board by the number he rolled.
If more than one player shouts out a correct answer at EXACTLY the same time, they all win a throw of the dice and a move - along with the player for that turn.
PLEASE NOTE that each player must roll the dice individually so each will probably move a different number.

"Draw It" round:

The player chooses one of the two "Draw It" entries on the card. He then takes the paper and pencil and draws what he thinks will make the other players guess that entry. For example: for "Mercedes" you might just draw the famous logo, but for "mountain bike" you might draw a mountain AND a bike.

"Describe It" round:

The cardholder must describe all three brands/items in the "Describe It" section of the card in the order they appear. Each entry must be guessed correctly before the describer goes on to the next one. The person who guesses the third word wins with the turn jointly with the describer. The Describer cannot use:- "starts -with", "rhymes-with" or "sounds-like" type clues although hand movements are allowed.

"Guess It" round:

This uses the Picture Side of the card. The player whose turn it is holds the card so that only they can see the Picture Side. The other players have to identify the brand or item shown by asking questions to which the player can only answer, "yes", "no" or "maybe".If there is a HINT on the card, the player should read it out before they start the turn.



There are always TWO winners in this game. The first player to throw a number on the dice that moves him onto or past the Winning Zone wins the game jointly with the player that correctly guessed his challenge that turn. So the player at the very back of the group can still be joint winner by guessing the final Challenge.


There are a lot of food brands or products so it is a good idea to check if the answer is something to do with food. So a typical series of questions might go like this: -
Is it a food? Yes
Is it sweet? Yes
Is it eaten hot? No
Is it eaten cold? Yes
Do you find it in the freezer? Yes
Is it Ice Cream? Yes

For a non-Food item it might go something like this:
Is it a food? No
Is it a brand? No
It is a product? Yes
Is it something you find in the home? Yes
Is it found in the Kitchen? No
Is it found in the bathroom? Yes
Do you use it to clean with? Yes
Do you use it to clean yourself? Yes
Is it shampoo? No
Do you use it to clean your hands? Yes
Is it soap? Yes