Rattle Me Bones Game Rules

The aim of the game:

The first player to collect three treasure pieces (of any colour) AND the golden hat is the winner.

To start a game:

Once all the treasure is placed onto Captain Boney, switch on the ON/OFF button.

Youngest player starts first and play continues to the left.

Playing a turn:

The player spins the spinner to pick a colour. They must then take ONE of Captain Boney's treasures of that colour. If there is no treasure of that colour left, the player has to take a coin from the treasure chest. If there are no coins left, their turn is over.

The player must be very careful not to wobble Captain Boney as they take the treasure or he might "wake up" and leap into frantic action.

If the player successfully removes the piece of treasure they keep it and now their turn is over.

If Captain Boney wakes up and jumps around the player has to move the ON/OFF switch to "off" and re-set the skeleton onto his seat, before replacing the treasure that has been shaken off as well as the piece they tried to take. Turn the game on again. Now that player's turn is over.

The Golden Hat:

Once a player has collected three pieces of treasure (two gold coins count as ONE piece of treasure), on their next turn they have to try and take the Golden Hat.

If they safely steal the Golden Hat they win. If they wake up Captain Boney they must reset him, and return the hat AND one of their three collected treasure pieces. So on their next go they have to collect another treasure piece. Play now continues with the next player.

Assembling the Captain:

The ON/OFF switch should be in the 'OFF' position (nearest to the treasure chest).

With the base arm extended, attach the peg on the Captain's pelvis to the clip on the arm.

Place the staff into the hole on the treasure pile.

How to re-set the Captain:

The ON/OFF switch should be in the 'OFF' position (nearest to the treasure chest).

Push the Captain down through his tummy, until you hear a click.

Lay the Captain's right arm on top of the staff. Then restock him with treasure, as shown below.

Putting the treasure pieces on:

Place the six coins into the treasure chest, then close the lid. Fit the pegs on his feet into the holes in the chest and pile.

Put the hat on top of the Captain's head. The peg fits into the hole.

Put the medallion around his neck by opening the space between the two ends.

The epaulette goes on his right shoulder. Put the peg into the hole.

The pocket watch and medal hook onto a rib.

The money bag goes onto a rib.

Place the pistol in his right hand.

Put the eye patch over his left eye and the peg into the hole at the back of his skull.

Beaky the parrot sits on the Captain's left shoulder using the two pegs.

The dagger hooks onto this rib.

The handkerchief goes onto a rib.

The gauntlet goes on the back of his left hand.

Place the telescope in his left hand.

Please see downloadable/printable PDF for images showing treasure locations.