Rock Paper Scissors Game Rules


To play Rock, Paper, Scissors with 2-4 players and be the first to score 10 points.

Set Up:

Each player take a console. Make sure that the scoring slider on the side of your console points to 0.

Console connector:

All 4 consoles can be linked together by a connector. This is the small square with slots along each side. If you want to use the connector, fit the tab at the end of each console into the slots on the connector. If there are only two players, fit the consoles opposite each other on the connector.


Players flip up the "reveal shield" to hide their choice. Now turn the wheel to pick; rock, paper or scissors. When all players are ready, together they say, "Rock Paper Scissors" and on the word "Scissors" they all flip their shields down to show their choice.


You beat another player if your choice "beats" theirs in the following way:-

  • Rock beats Scissors
  • Scissors beat Paper
  • Paper beats Rock

Each round you score 1 for every other player you beat. Keep score on the score slider along the side of your console.

Ending and winning the game:

The first player to score 10 or more points wins the game.

In case of a Tie:

The tying players play against each other until there is one winner.