Sshh Don't Wake Dad Game Rules

There's a delicious chocolate cake in the kitchen which is just impossible to resist. Luckily Dad is asleep and the kids are about to try creeping past to get a piece. But they really have to be careful, there are so many obstacles along the way and any one of them could WAKE DAD!

Getting Ready to Play:

Place the game board in the centre of the table.

Place the two stickers on the bed spaces as shown in the save/print PDF above.

Shuffle the cards and deal out the same number to allplayers, face up. Keep any leftover cards near the board.

Everyone chooses a playing piece and puts it on the slippers of the same colour by the kids' bed.

Move the switch on the underneath of Dad's bed to the 'I' position. Locate the bed so its legs fit into the four holes on the board. Put Dad into his sleeping position if he isn't already, and he will start snoring!

The Aim:

Be the first player to reach the chocolate cake in the fridge.

Playing the Game:

The youngest player starts and the game continues clockwise. Players spin the spinner and follow these instructions:


Move the playing piece to the next empty space of the colour spun. It can't be on the same space as another piece, if necessary move to the next space of that colour.

Most of the spaces have a picture on them. If the player holds the card that matches this image, they are safe. If not, they must press the alarm clock down the number of times indicated on the space.

If Dad stays asleep, the game continues.

If Dad wakes up, he has caught that player! They must return to their slippers and start the journey again. Any players that are on the two bed blanket spaces when Dad awakes must also go back to the start.

When a player is caught they can take the card that matches the picture that made them wake Dad, it will protect them later. Dad is now placed back into the sleeping position.

Players landing on a space with an arrow do not have to press the clock at all.


The player can choose one card to take from another player.


The playing piece is moved to the first space in front of the leading player (if the leading player is on the last space, move into the kitchen. See 'How to Win'). If already in the lead before moving, the player spins again.

How to Win:

If a player spins and there are no more spaces left of that colour, they have made it to the kitchen! Press the alarm clock one more time. If Dad doesn't wake, they have reached the cake and won the game.